The Sixth Frith and a Signature Drink

Kerri Cull sunsetTwenty-three very different writers, unseasonable warmth, five days in the wide open of our close community. And in the end, after all the moments of inspiration, independent and shared, seem past, a last burst of creative energy makes a new signature drink to toast out the sixth Frith.

backsticky ingredients

The Backsticky1 part vodka, 1 part grape juice, 4 parts soda water, squeeze of lemon and (important) 5 purple rockets (of the rolled up candy variety). You’ll also need one lamp under which to sort the purple rockets from the rest (trust us, in dim light, the green ones can fool you).backsticky Alison

Drop the rockets in last.

Don’t get excited–they don’t even fizz. They just sink like stones … but wait. A while. A pretty long while, actually (you won’t mind the wait; the conversation’s enough to fill you up for a good long time here at the FrithKerri Cull backsticky making Alison rob leslie). Look down and note the distinctive backsticky slick–a shimmering something undefined–starting to build on the top of your drink. Now drink up, careful not to choke on those damn rockets–those sweet, hard little nuggets that dissolve away so very, very slowly.

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