Let’s Keep in Touch

One of the best parts of doing Piper’s Frith is the intricate, interconnected network of interesting people it’s introduced me to. Amid a too-small gathering at the LSPU Hall, I caught up with an alum from Frith 2010 and then had a chat with my chalet mate from Frith 2011, Sharon King-Campbell, who’s juggling about a million interesting things,20141201_090832_resized from bringing seniors and folklorists together in games to hitting the local stage in Jesus Christ Superstar in 2015.

Another best part: presents in the mail. Last week, Beverley Couse of Toronto, who came along to this year’s Frith, sent me this spectacular example of her textile talent, by way of thanks, to keep me warm.

And then there are the missives that come soaring through cyberspace. Paul Rowe (who came to the Frith for a second time this year) wrote, “I’ve been working daily on my once-languishing novel since I got home and (knock on wood) it seems to be going rather well…. the writers of the 2014 Frith reassured me that my work has not been in vain and that time in the proverbial drawer (or freezer in the case of my man Richard Yates) can be just what a manuscript needs. It reminded me there can be collegiality in an often lonely occupation….”

And Jennifer Manuel, a delight from Frith 2012, recently sent: “I’ve accepted an offer from Douglas & McIntyre to publish my first novel, The Heaviness of Things that Float in Fall 2015. Yay! I just wanted to let you know … and if there’s anything I can ever do for Piper’s Frith, please let me know. It truly was a pivotal experience in my writing life.”

Yay indeed. And yeah, it’s been a truly pivotal experience in my writing life — and all the rest of my life, too.

~Leslie V

One thought on “Let’s Keep in Touch

  1. So excited to read of Jennifer Manuel’s upcoming novel! Should also mention that Wendi Stewart – who was my cabin-mate – has a novel coming out with NeWest (fall 2015) called “Meadowlark”.

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