A Frithless 2015

Hello Spring! We haven’t just been hibernating all winter, gathering up and hoarding the good news about Frith alumni like nuts all this cold winter (we’ll share those nuts in the next post – soon!) We’ve also been considering, weighing, planning…

So here’s the big news: In order to make some adjustments, tackle the next Frith with renewed vigour and keep it amazing, the Literary Arts Foundation of NL’s board has decided there will be no Piper’s Frith in  2015.

Worried we won’t return? Don’t be. We have great motivation: the passion in some of our frequent Frithers. This is what David Kerns from California wrote when I let him know 2015 would be Frithless:

“I’ve attended numerous writing conferences/workshops, and the last two years at the Frith have been the most enjoyable and in many ways the most enriching. The small size, the complete emphasis on craft, the quality of both the faculty and the participants, the amazing setting and the gracious organization and care add up to a very special and unique experience. I know I won’t be the only one grieving over this. Rebuild it and I will come!”

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