Frith 2016 – Time for a Change

Welcome to 2016, a brave new year that promises all things just might be possible. Plans are already underway to make it a Frithful year, come fall.
Those plans involve a big change for Piper’s Frith.maasai crop

Since its inception, we two have steered the ship, carried the heavy baggage, lugged the groceries and hosted the community for Piper’s Frith. And from the first, it has been a labour of love. Make no mistake, there was plenty of labour—but for six wonderful years, the love of it always made us forget the breath-stealing fear that we’d never get it all done, that it couldn’t possibly be possible again.

Of course it was, and we were blessed to have been part of bringing together about 100 writers to share in some communal magic at Kilmory Resort. rob and leslie 2014

After the 2014 Frith—our 6th—we both agreed that it was time to step aside, to pass the torch to someone who could bring new energy and new ideas to the Frith we all cherish.

The Literary Arts Foundation of NL has asked Allie Duff to lead the way to the Frith’s future. It’s an inspired choice: Allie is smart, gracious, determined and energetic. We wish her, and the whole Frith community, a Frithful, fruitful journey!

Watch this spot, and the website ( for all the news about what’s coming in 2016.

With love and gratitude,
Leslie Vryenhoek & Robert Finley

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